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Packing Tips

With so many challenges associated with moving, proper packing is crucial to avoid headaches.


Begin as soon as you can. 

Start by packing the items you use infrequently, and allocate a specific room, such as a spare bedroom or garage, to store the packed boxes.


Avoid packing unnecessary items or clutter.

Take the opportunity to declutter before your move by getting rid of unnecessary items while sorting through your belongings.


Buy a greater quantity of moving supplies. 

Most people often underestimate their packing supply needs. Contact OlympNest for your packing supplies. We will buy back any unused supplies.


Buy appropriately-sized moving boxes in various sizes: small, medium, and large.

You will want to make sure you have an ample supply of each size to tackle all your packing needs!


Setup a packing basket.

Organize tape, scissors, and permanent markers in a basket to avoid last-minute searches for these essential items when it's time to start packing.


Place heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter possessions in larger boxes while packing.

Avoid packing anything weighing over 50 pounds in a box to simplify moving boxes by yourself.


Use packing tape to strengthen the bottom of boxes.

This can help to prevent boxes from collapsing, especially if they contain heavier items.


Pack room by room and put label accordingly.

To label your boxes effectively, write a brief description of the contents and the name of the room on each box using a permanent marker.


Take a photo of the setup or configuration of your electronic devices.

Take a photo of electronics and other items that may require reassembly, to avoid any confusion when setting them up later.


Place valuable items like currency, coins, and jewelry in a separate box for safekeeping during the move.

Keep this box in a secure location until the day of the move. When it's time to move, make sure to transport this box separately in your car.

We take care of planning and execution so you can get to the living

Our certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)® can execute and strategize your move down to the last details. From the moment you make the decision to the time you put your head on your pillow in your new home and every step in between. 

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